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A Thomas J. Watson Fellowship project exploring how people practice and experience aquaculture



Welcome to AquaCultureShock, a blog chronicling my (mis)adventures as a Watson Fellow!

From July 2016 to July 2017, I will be pursuing an independent research project to learn more about the histories, experiences, and challenges that define aquaculture throughout the world. This year is fully funded by the Thomas J. Watson Foundation and is almost entirely self-directed, with few guidelines and plenty of room for spontaneity. For more information about this amazing organization, check out their webpage. For a more in-depth look at my project, peruse my very first blog post or any of the posts that followed!

I am currently in Chile, the world’s second largest producer of farmed Atlantic Salmon, learning about the current challenges and prospects of the salmon farming industry. In mid-May, I will make my way to Norway (the world’s largest producer of farmed Atlantic Salmon). As a Watson Fellow, I am always extremely open to unexplored opportunities and avenues. If you have recommendations in each of these countries, for aquaculture or other *must see* opportunities, please connect with me!