The Hostel “Game Plan”

Hey everyone! Still on the road. Still a bit travel worn. And, I’ve found, that New Zealand Wi-fi is so unbelievably slow that there hasn’t been much chance to write a long post or upload photos. To tide you over until I am a bit more stationary, here’s another short post about the things I tell myself I have each time I arrive at a new hostel. I call it “The Hostel Game Plan”:

If you’re only staying one night, don’t even think about opening your rucksack. Whatever “essentials” (aka toothbrush and deodorant) you stuffed somewhere in the bag’s folds are staying put. Whatever clothes you are currently wearing will be your outfit for tomorrow as well.

Two nights?  Okay, you can open the rucksack. But you can only take out things from the top layer: a toothbrush (finally), some new underwear, a new shirt if you had the prescience to make one easily accessible the last time you packed. You only have one full day here, so don’t forget to really relax!

Three nights is luxurious. Do some laundry. Take a nice long shower. Shave. Unwind a little by reading your book (and inevitably fall asleep within the first 3 pages because you’re so tired). Allow yourself to imagine, however slightly, what it might be like to join the jovial, friendly long-term residents here. Remind yourself that you’re on your own “journey”.

Wow! Four nights is practically unheard of! It’s like moving into your freshman dorm. You’ll be here for a while and it’s time hang out with new roommates! You can establish “your spot” on the outdoor terrace. Feel free to unpack and re-organize your rucksack. What a luxurious break from all that traveling you’ve been doing, you’re basically home! And, (once you’ve left the hostel) wait…where is my: phone charger/hat/water bottle/all of my socks?


2 thoughts on “The Hostel “Game Plan”

  1. Sounds like an interesting experience. I think you’re going to be a hostel expert. Not sure you want to be. Can’t wait to see you. Love, Aunt Elaine


  2. Hey Noah! It’s great to hear you are in New Zealand and enjoying your time in this hostel. Happy Thanksgiving. I know it’s just another day there

    I’m looking forward to hearing about your travels there in New Zealand.


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